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Quilted Art That Tells a Story

kadodl fabric metaphor with artist_ol_ed

 Quilted Art That Tells a Story is my way to help others preserve memories, passion, and purpose in their lives via a quilt, home decor, quilted art, accessories, and more. 


* I am an old soul but crave new innovation and modern ways.

** I like to preserve history and memories while making them into a functional items so the story can be present.

*** Nature is my inspiration for my Quilted Art.

My creative journey started when I was a young girl, hanging out with my great-grandmother. She taught me sewing, quilt piecing, and the quilting process. I love the challenge of creating something special or a one-of-a-kind project.

An important part of my design process puts emphasis on #reuse and #recycle of fabrics... making old new again.

Let’s Work Together

REally Design

Springfield, MO


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