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What is Quilted Art That Tells a Story?

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

by sandy sanders Most everyone is familiar with grannies quilts. Quilted Art is an extension of traditional quilting techniques, but also incorporate many modern application to create a visual representation in fabric. The fabric /textiles are pieced together and the quilting / stitching adds another dimension to the artist palette and a secondary interest to the quilted art piece.

At Really Design I merge my passion of fabric and nostalgia, and my experience in creative marketing to create unique and custom works for you.

My quilted art designs are inspired by nature, vintage, innovate techniques and the power of intention. I love color, texture and patterns. Fabric gives me those elements in endless supply.

Quilted Art That Tells a Story evolved with my memory quilts… as I would share my designs, I realized each one was telling a unique story. So, telling your story became my focus for Really Design. I hope to have to chance to bring your story or vision to life via fabric art; in a quilt, accessory or home décor item.

The best part is when I bring joy to others by creating something special for them.

Do you have an upcoming Special Occasion? because special events require Extra- Special Gifts!

  • A quilted memory piece could be the perfect statement piece at your event. Art Quilts, Pillows, Throws and Wall-hangings.. all bring memories back to life. Unique quilts can combine vintage fabrics, memorabilia, favorite past garments, along with new elements to make a fresh, modern project.

Lets get started... telling your story!

Really Design creates quilts that reflect memories, passion and purpose
What story would you like to tell?

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