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Quilts From Memories - tell your story

I love telling a story in fabric. Every quilt has a story behind it... who made it, the pattern or design, but creating a quilt from specific memories is really something special for me. I'm interested in the story and the passion people have in their journey of life. I get to know my clients though those stories and the clothing or other fabric items they give me to create a quilt or some other project.

Most people are aware of recycling clothes, T shirts and more into a quilt? Those items have memories that make it more than a quilt… it creates a treasured heirloom. A memory quilt can also incorporate abstract and/or tangible items. Abstract may be a quote your great grandmother would say or a poem you and your father loved. Tangible may be an old concert ticket or travel memorabilia. These can be incorporated into a quilt with photos on fabric or text printed to fabric or text embroidered on quilt.

One of my favorite memory quilts shown below has love of family represented all over it with photos of family in hearts.

It is very rewarding to give joy to someone else… when they first see their quilt and I see that it makes them happy, it’s the best. It’s your story: contact me to help you tell it in a quilted piece.


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