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Time Travel... is Possible

I started the New Year time traveling. Yep… back to the 50s. A client (Kara) discovered a quilt top that belonged to her father. Kara said her father remembered helping his grandma hand sew the quilt top when he was a young boy. She wanted to explore the possibilities of what to do with this quilt top to keep for the future.

When you think of time travel up pops “Back to the Future” and other creative references, but actually holding a vintage quilt top in my hands and working on it was a time travel experience for me.

Vintage quilt repair
Quilt top in need of repair.

The quilt top was worn, frayed and missing a few pieces. We considered some options: pillows or animal shape bears etc. I learned to quilt from my great-grandmother and love that connection we shared. Since this heirloom was created by Kara’s great-grandmother I couldn't see myself cutting this quilt top up, so we decided to keep it intact and finish it into a quilt.

As I learned more about the quilt top, I felt more and more connected to the time period. What was the pattern and why they choose it? The pattern was created of hexagonal patches formed into diamond blocks. It is considered one of the oldest quilt pattern designs. Sometimes called “Hexagon Field of Diamonds” or “Grandmas Flower Garden variation.”

As I repaired seams and looked at each piece of fabric, I am wondering what it was originally before becoming part of this sewing project? Many of the fabrics were even older than the time period it was created… which made me travel further back in time.

The hexi quilts were traditionally hand quilted around each hexagon piece. So I added some hand quilting around the center hexagons to honor that tradition. Holding the material and stitching as they may of also gave me a connection back in time. It answered questions in my mind… weather the answers were correct?? I don’t know!

quilt, family heirloom, vintage, repair, quilt top
Kara and father with finished quilted family heirloom

Anyway, the best part of this project is giving Kara a finished quilt and family heirloom that she can cherish.

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